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Thomas More Competes in Two Mid-South Tournaments

Thomas More Competes in Two Mid-South Tournaments

(LOUISVILLE, Ky.) – The Thomas More University men's bowling team competed in two Mid-South Conference tournaments on Saturday and Sunday (October 6 and 7, 2018) in Louisville, Kentucky.  The Saints finished 11th at the Louisville Classic on Saturday and 12th at the Thomas Burris Memorial on Sunday.


  • The Saints varsity team had 4,503 points during regulation play and tallied 2,270 points in the baker games to for a total of 6,773 points.
  • Junior Jake Farley (Fort Thomas, Ky./Highlands) led the varsity with a 199.4 average and game-high 252 in game five.
  • First-year Nathan McGeorge (Milford, Ohio/Milford) had a 191 average and a 222 game-high in game three.
  • First-year Zach Vickers (Florence, Ky./Boone County) had a 198 game-high and a 185 average.
  • First-year Max Hennessey (Cincinnati, Ohio/Oak Hills) had a 170 average and a 183 game-high.
  • First-year Shawn Ward (Cincinnati, Ohio/Taylor) had a 157 average.
  • First-year Brady Brunsman (Wyoming, Ohio/Wyoming) had a 154 average.


  • JV team placed seventh as it had 4,216 points in regulation and 2,197 points in the baker games for a total of 6,413 points.
  • Junior Austin Crone (Florence, Ky./Simon Kenton) led the JV team with a 200.6 average.
  • First-year Jaret Fidler (Bakersfield, Calif./Centennial) had a 168 average and a game-high of 182.
  • Junior Jacob Lawson (Independence, Ky./Simon Kenton) bowled a 168 average with a game-high 194.
  • First-year Ryan Meyer (Dayton, Ky./Newport Central Catholic) had a 165 average.
  • Sophomore Michael Binkowski (Grand Haven, Mich./St. Henry) had a 155 average.
  • Sophomore Spencer Becknell (Independence, Ky./Simon Kenton) had a 153 average.
  • Sophomore Kendal Johnson (Fort Thomas, Ky./Newport Central Catholic) had a 150 average.


  • Thomas More tallied 6,450 total points as it had 4,445 points in regulation and 2,005 points in the baker games.
  • McGeorge led the Saints with a 194.2 average and a game-high 214.
  • Farley had a 179 average.
  • Hennessey had a 178 average.
  • Vickers bowled a 169 average.
  • Brunsman had a 168 average.


  • The JV team had 6,653 points (4,454 regulation/2,199 baker games) to finish fifth.
  • Crone led the team with a 188.4 average and a game-high 227.
  • Lawson had a 187.6 average.
  • Becknell bowled a 177 average.
  • Binkowski had a 175 average.
  • Meyer finished with a 163 average.


  • Thomas More is idle until October 20 and 21 when it competes at the Western Shootout in Indianapolis, Indiana.